Confused (short film 2002)


A dark and ironic comment on modern day relationships. We circle six characters whose lives collide with one another.

12 mins.

Completed with finance from Universal Studios Film Completion Fund (UK).

Anna Chancellor (The Dreamers, Four Weddings and a Funeral).

Heike Makatsche (Love Actually, Resident Evil, Aimee & Jaguar).

Michael Byrne (Sum of All Fears, Tomorrow Never Dies, Indiana Jones & Last Crusade).

Susannah Doyle (About A Boy, Channel Four’s Drop the Dead Donkey).

Festivals / Screenings

Selected for New Directions 2002 in London, New York and Los Angeles (First Film Foundation).

Highly Commended by Turner Classic Shorts Competition 2002 (London International Film Festival).

The Los Angeles International Short Film Festival 2003.

Raindance Film Festival (London) 2003.

New Orleans New Media Film Festival 2003.