Covid and Silent Night


I am vaccinated. My husband is vaccinated. My children are vaccinated and have been since birth.

‘Silent Night’ the script, was conceived December 2018 (pre covid). ‘Silent Night’ the production, wrapped March 2020 (pre UK lockdown) with pick-ups end of August 2020. ‘Silent Night’ the edit, was completed November 2020 (pre administration of the covid vaccine).  

‘Silent Night’ references a fictional LIFE ENDING suicide pill NOT a real LIFE SAVING vaccine.


‘Every real solution is reached by intense suffering’ – Carl Jung.

The film debates – Fear of suffering Vs suffering for mankind.

Art is questioning his trust in an immoral government. Art is saying grown ups make mistakes – see ‘Boris Johnson’ and ex-president ‘Donald Trump’ for reference.

Art is asking – how reliable is the distribution of scientific information during a state of emergency? Art is NOT doubting the scientific information itself.

Using a fictional metaphor in order to debate social issues and government policies (see ‘Brexit’) is not the same as debating the reliance of medical science.


The ‘EXIT pill’ is issued as an emergency protocol in order to avoid a painful death from the environmental gases. Not as a government conspiracy but as a solution to avoid ‘suffering’.

The ending is intended to represent courage and hope for the younger generation. Courage to face fear in order to find a solution.


On a personal note. I do not support anti-vaccine arguments in any form, I never have done and I never will. Therefore I ask, to those who misunderstand the film, please stop misrepresenting the film. 

Thank you. Camille Griffin.