Feeder (short film 2005)

Pam’s hungry. She infiltrates hospitals posing as a caring daughter, eating and stealing the dinners of frail dying men. After years of her father’s bullying, Pam is seeking revenge.

12 mins.

Financed by UK Film Council / Film London.

Produced by Andrea Cornwell / Theory Films.

Debbie Chazen (BBC’s The Smoking Room, Topsy Turvy, BBC’s The Lakes).

Michael Byrne (Sum of All Fears, Tomorrow Never Dies, Indiana Jones & Last Crusade).

Anna Chancellor (The Dreamers, Four Weddings and a Funeral).

Jason Hughes (BBC’s This Life, Killing Me Softly).

Festivals / Screenings

BBC Film Network 06.

Spain’s Alcine International Film Festival 06.

Shanghai International Film Festival 06.

Italy’s Portello River Film Festival 06.

Poland’s Ofensiva International film festival 06.

BFI London International Film festival 05.

Toronto Worldwide International Short Film Festival 2005.

Bristol’s Brief Encounters International Film Festival 05.

Toronto Rendezvous with Madness International Film Festival 05.