In Development

The Curse of the Three Legged Spider ( La Maledizione Del Rango a Tre Zampe).

Producer Andy Starke, Pietro Greppi. Writer Eugenia Caruso and Camille Griffin.

A dark, Italian, feminist, devilish, delicious comedy.

Development Funded by Creative England.


Producer Pietro Greppi.  Writer Camille Griffin.

A disturbed, working class runaway, infiltrates an upper class family she hopes might repair her traumatic past, with tragic and irreparable consequences.

Cast attached. Sophie Kennedy Clark. Anna Chancellor.


Producer Pietro Greppi. Writer Camille Griffin.

A dedicated ‘parenting license’ officer and mother imposes strict government laws daily until the controversial system she upholds turns against her.

Shortlisted for I features 2016 (BFI, BBC and Creative England.)


Producer Sarah Brocklehurst. Writer Camille Griffin.

When Ceci’s son takes his own life, she is rejected by the Sussex middle-class society she inhabits.  Alone with her trauma she looks, with blame, to his Shrink and a secret affair with his teenage boy for answers.

Selected and Funded for final stage development on I features 2015 (BFI, BBC, Creative England.)


Producer Alexandra Stone. Writer Camille Griffin.

Provence France 2003.

During the summer of 2003 forest fires rampaged the Cote D’Azur destroying landscape and lives. Emma (22) returns home to marry her english fiance, only to have her fantasy destroyed when her father is paralysed in a hit and run car accident. Unknown to her, the local Mayor, on the brink or re-election, hides the evidence and the culprit in the forest – Luc,  a junkie, Emma’s teenage love and the Mayor’s son.

Feeling powerless to help her father, Emma recklessly propels herself into a naïve investigation. Luc abandoned by his father disintegrates in the forest. Emma quickly meets the Mayor’s bullish barricade of corruption. As the forest fires burn closer, Emma mistakenly believes IF she can prove who is to blame, justice will nurse her father back.

Selected for Les Arcs Co Production Market (2012).

Attached cast is Sophie Kennedy Clark. Richard E Grant. Tcheky Karyo.